Avalanche Warnings Prompt Insurance Company to Reinforce Importance of Coverage for Backcountry Skiers

(Richmond, BC, Jan 30, 2014) - In light of recent avalanche warnings due to warm weather in BC, Travel Underwriters, one of Canada’s leading travel insurance providers, together with its partner, the Alpine Club of Canada, aims to inform backcountry skiers of their travel insurance options.

“There’s a misconception that backcountry skiers can’t get travel insurance, which isn’t the case”, shares Patrick Robinson, Travel Underwriters’ President & CEO. “We’re concerned that many aren’t exploring their insurance options, which isn’t ideal, particularly when they’re out of their home province.”

In a study by Aviva, one in seven winter sports-goers admits that they don’t buy the appropriate insurance coverage for winter sports. Despite the dangers of this sport, backcountry recreationalists can and should get insurance.

Peter Muir, President of Alpine Club of Canada says “backcountry skiing is about planning—route and gear selection, watching the weather and keeping informed from our friends at the Canadian Avalanche Centre. Too often, we forget or ignore to plan for the unexpected consequences.”

Here’s what skiers need to know:

Canadians travelling out-of-province need travel insurance to be covered for certain medical expenses. For example, if you’re from British Columbia and get injured in Alberta, expect to pay. If you think your credit card or employer’s group plan is enough coverage, ask yourself if you’re adequately covered if something goes wrong.

Skiing out-of-province or across the border means more than just worrying about avalanches. Other types of accidents and injuries can occur on the mountain or even in the parking lot. No one wants to want to pay for out-of-pocket expenses or costly medical bills, and Search and Rescue will only cover the basics.

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