Optional Sports Coverages

At TuGo, we’ve got you covered, even for extreme activities! You can hike, zipline, bungee jump or even parasail over water and still be protected under our standard Emergency Medical Insurance or Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance. And for you more adventurous types, take your travels to the extreme, with our Optional Sports Coverages.

For an additional Single Trip or Multi Trip fee, our optional coverages can protect you, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional.

Contact Sports Coverage

Love a little competition? Whether you’re on the field or in the ring, Contact Sports Coverage protects you while you’re travelling outside of your home province or country of permanent residence. This insurance coverage applies when travellers (ages 18+) participate in, coach, teach, train or practice on behalf of a registered team, league, association, club or while competing in a registered tournament, competition or sporting event.

If travellers are under 18 years old, they won’t need this optional coverage. With TuGo, their Emergency Medical Insurance or visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance will cover them in a medical emergency while away!

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Australian Football



Ice Hockey



Adventure Sports Coverage

For adventure-seekers who love exploring the great outdoors and testing their physical limits, this coverage applies when you participate in, coach, teach, train or practice the following sports and activities:

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry Snowboarding

Backcountry Snowshoeing



Downhill Freestyle Skiing

Downhill Snowboarding in Organized Contests

Downhill Longboarding

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Skating

Endurance Activities over 6 hours

Mountaineering up to 6,000m

Flying as a pilot or passenger in a glider or ultralight

Hang Gliding

High Risk Snowmobiling

Ice Climbing


Non-motorized X Game Sports (or those sports in similar type events)

Parachuting/Skydiving/Tandem Skydiving (more than one jump per trip)



Parasailing/Parascending over Land

Snow Kiting

Stunt/Aerobatic Flying

Extreme Sports Coverage

Love living life to the limit? Coverage is available for extreme sports enthusiasts like you, who live for a thrill! This insurance applies when you participate in, coach, teach, train or practice the following sports and activities:

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Scuba Diving (if not certified by an internationally recognized and accepted program)

Scuba Diving or Free Diving over 30m

Base Jumping

Bull Riding/Bull Fighting


Running with the Bulls

Motorized Speed Contests

Motorized X Game Sports (or those sports in similar type events)

Mountaineering over 6,000m

Ultimate Fighting & Mixed Martial Arts

Wingsuit Jumping/Wingsuit Flying

Excluded Activities

Whatever sport you’re into, be sure that it’s covered. If it’s not listed above under Contact Sports, Adventure Sports or Extreme Sports, we may cover it under our standard Emergency Medical Insurance, unless it’s listed below as an excluded activity:

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Out-of-bounds skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or non-motorized snow-biking

Any sports or activities listed in the Sports and Activities Optional Coverages unless you’ve bought the applicable optional coverage

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