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US Immigration Ban

Travel Insurance for Canadians & Visitors to Canada

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order has caused confusion and anxiety for travellers across the globe. While the ban temporarily suspends the entry of citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, it also impacts Canadian citizens, permanent residents with work or student permits, and visitors to Canada travelling to or via the US.

With conflicting information online, it’s difficult to understand how the immigration ban affects you and how you can change your plans in case you’re scheduled to travel to the US or want to interrupt your trip if you’re already in the country. We’ll help explain the impact of the US travel freeze on Canadians and let you know how we’re covering TuGo customers currently affected by the ban.

Latest on the US Travel Ban - February 3, 2017:

Trump’s executive order has been placed on hold after a court ruling lifted the ban on February 3rd. The Court of Appeals is due to rule whether it needs to be reinstated or not later this week.

For now, entry to the US is status quo for all travellers, including citizens from the seven countries and the Department of Homeland Security has informed airlines to allow previously-banned travellers to enter the US.

We’ll continue monitoring the situation and share the latest updates on this page. If you have any questions, share them in the comments below or contact TuGo’s Customer Service toll-free at 1-855-929-8846.

Canadians can still travel across the US border
Post-announcement, there was a lot of confusion about how the travel ban would affect Canadians with roots from the above countries. The Government of Canada was quick to clarify that the US entry requirements for Canadians don’t change as a result of the Executive Order. This includes:

  • Canadian citizens and passport holders
  • Dual citizens who have Canadian citizenship and citizenship from the seven countries (provided they present valid Canadian passports)
  • Canadian permanent residents who hold a passport from one of those seven countries (provided they have a valid Canadian permanent resident card)

Is it safe to travel to US?
While there could be protests across the US, it’s still safe for Canadians to travel there. However, the Government of Canada advises Canadians to expect delays at airports and borders, due to the possibility of additional screening measures; disruptions, flight delays and cancellations are also possible.

Canadians crossing the border with their passports can expect to go through the normal entry and transit process in US. In case you face any problems at the border, contact the Canadian Embassy 24/7 at 613-996-8885.

How TuGo is helping Canadians & Visitors to Canada affected by the ban
Although the ‘travel ban’ isn’t a covered risk under TuGo’s Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption plan, we’ve decided to make an exception.

TuGo will provide coverage for visitors to Canada and/or Canadian residents with work or study permits, who hold passports from these countries and who:

  • booked trips to the USA, or,
  • have stopovers in the USA that now have to change or cancel flights to return to their home country

Any travellers with TuGo Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption policies purchased before January 27, 2017 will be covered. Coverage will only be considered if departure/stopover into the US is within the 90 days the ban is in effect.

Check out some examples and situations below to see how your TuGo policy covers you:

  • Hiba is a visitor in Canada from Sudan who was planning to travel to US in February. She bought a TuGo Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption policy on January 10, 2017 to cover a flight from Vancouver to Las Vegas on February 1, 2017, only to find out she’ll be unable to travel due to the ban. TuGo will make the exception to cover the cost of her flight, even though there is no covered risk for this situation.
  • Farhad is a visitor from Iran who bought TuGo’s Visitor to Canada Holiday Package on December 31, 2016 for a trip to Canada from January 15 to February 15, 2017. His itinerary to return home includes a stopover in Los Angeles; however, due to the ban, he’ll no longer be able to take the flight and has to book a new direct flight to return home from Canada. TuGo will make the exception to cover the cost of the new flight home.
  • Maya is an international student in Canada who holds a Syrian passport. She bought a TuGo Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption policy on January 20, 2017 to cover a trip to Disneyland for spring break. The trip needs to be cancelled, since the ban prevents her from entering the United States. TuGo will make the exception to cover and reimburse her booking expenses.

As a result of the travel ban, many airlines are also temporarily waiving their change and cancellation fees for travellers impacted with the ban.

If you’re a TuGo customer affected by the Executive Order, we recommend that you contact your airline/travel supplier first to check if they’re allowing refunds or waiving cancellation fees before contacting Claims at TuGo to open a claim.

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