Trip Interruption Insurance

Available as a Single or Multi Trip policy, our Trip Interruption Insurance is perfect for Canadian residents or visitors to Canada who want to feel confident their trip’s covered despite unexpected interruptions like missed connections or medical emergencies. Trip Interruption Insurance is available as a stand-alone plan or it can be purchased with Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption or as part of a package.

CoverageTuGo Travel Insurance

Non–refundable, unused prepaid airfare and/or travel arrangements

Non–refundable, unused prepaid airfare costs when the trip is interrupted after arrival

One way economy airfare or transportation to catch up with a tour or to your next destination

Commercial accommodation expenses if your travel companion cancels his/her trip

Reasonable out of pocket expenses for accommodation, meals, Internet etc.

Looking for more comprehensive coverage? Consider Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption or an All Inclusive Holiday Package!

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